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Dominican Aged Natural Processed Medium Roast

Dominican Aged Natural Processed Medium Roast

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Discover a masterpiece of flavor evolution. Ripe cherries dried with fruit, aged for distinct fruity, fermented, earthy notes, complemented by passion fruit, berries, and chocolate undertones.

What is an Aged Natural Process?

Aged natural processed coffee is a type of coffee that has undergone a unique processing method and then been stored for an extended period, often several months to several years. This aging process is quite distinct from the usual processing methods for coffee.

Here's how it typically works:

  1. Natural Processing: The coffee beans are initially processed using the "natural" or "dry" method. In this method, ripe coffee cherries are carefully picked and then dried with the fruit's pulp still intact. This allows the beans to absorb some of the sugars and flavors from the fruit during the drying process.

  2. Storage: After the initial drying, the beans are stored in controlled conditions, often in warehouses or other suitable storage facilities. These conditions include temperature and humidity control, which helps preserve the beans' quality.

  3. Aging: The coffee beans are left to age over a specific period, which can range from several months to several years. During this time, the beans undergo complex chemical changes. Some of the flavors from the fruit are absorbed into the beans, and the beans' own flavors evolve.

The result of this aging process is coffee with a unique flavor profile. It often exhibits a mellowed acidity, a distinctive sweetness, and complex flavors that can include fruity, earthy, or nutty notes. The coffee tends to have a fuller body and a smoother finish compared to freshly processed coffee.

Aged natural processed coffee is a specialty coffee, and it's often sought after by coffee enthusiasts who appreciate its nuanced and complex flavor characteristics. The aging process is somewhat analogous to how aging wine or cheese can enhance their flavors and qualities over time.

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