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Dominican Red Honey Process

Dominican Red Honey Process

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Our Dominican Red Honey Processed Coffee will enhance your coffee experience. It provides a delightful combination of berry flavors, delicate floral undertones, and a subtle honeyed sweetness.



What is Red Honey Process?

In the red honey process, the cherries are repulsed and allowed to dry without being washed, which is also known as the pulped natural process. Although some fruit is still present after this procedure, it is not as abundant as in the natural process. Although most of the cherry is gone, a golden sticky substance called mucilage remains and has properties that are similar to honey. During the drying process, the sticky coating on the outside of the coffee cherries oxidizes and darkens in color. Fruits that are left on beans for a longer period of time develop a darker color. If dried properly, red beans are less likely to be turned than yellow beans. The length of the drying process allows the coffee beans to develop varying levels of fruity flavors resulting in a more unique-tasting coffee. Thus, this technique received the name the red honey process. This method has been growing in popularity among consumers and allows farmers to offer various tasting varieties of coffee from the same crop through the development of additional fruity flavors in the coffee beans.

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